Gloucestershire's Leading Supplier of Sweet Stands for Weddings and Events

It's amazing how much guests at a celebration enjoy sweets! We love watching grown-ups get all excited filling an old-fashioned paper bag with their childhood favourites. A sweet stand is a lovely offering to your guests and one that you can be sure will be well used and fondly remembered.

Hyde Barn Rustic Sweet Stand

Our rustic wooden sweet stand has been designed specifically to complement vintage, fete, festival and country styled events. Its natural wooden finish looks lovely at traditional weddings alongside gorgeous flowers and white drapes, and also stunning at more contemporary occasions against striking minimalist backgrounds. It is bespoke and unique, designed and hand made by ourselves to look beautiful and function fantastically. 

Rustic Sweet Stand

The sweet display consists of a solid wooden stand with 10 clear round bowls suspended on ropes. We fill it with a variety of sweets, and do our best to find your favourites if you let us know what they are. Alternatively we are happy to supply it without sweets if you would prefer to source your own. It comes with tongs and sweet bags, so everything you need is there. 

Rustic Sweet Stand