Gloucestershire's Leading Supplier of Chesterfield Sofas for Weddings and Events

Our deep brown Chesterfield Sofas make the perfect stylish comfortable seating for your guests. Their rich finish looks great alongside the wood and stone of many of our traditional Gloucestershire venues, but also just as good in a more modern setting. They can be used on their own, or in pairs to make a cosy seating area to relax with a drink. Just what you need for helping your guests to chill and enjoy your event.

Chesterfield Sofa

Our two seater, brown leather effect,  Chesterfield style sofas have a timeless elegance that suits any event, from traditional weddings to more contemporary ambiance. And they are really comfy to sit on!

chesterfield sofas with wooden crate coffee tables

They are great either singly, or in pairs to create a cosy seating area. We can also supply rugs and various styles of coffee tables to complete the look. 

2 chesterfield sofas in a line