Gloucestershire's Leading Supplier of Flags for Weddings and Events

At Every Event Hire we are very proud of our fabulous giant silk flags, each handcrafted and unique. 

White Wedding Flags

Our flags are tall and elegant and create the perfect backdrop for stunning wedding photos. Their fluid, ever-changing silk delights young and old alike, and all your guests will want to touch them and admire them. They are guaranteed to be the subject of much impressed conversation.

Wedding couple with coloured flags

If you are looking for something brighter, our decorative event flags come in a massive range of gorgeous colours and are brilliant for adding festivity to any occasion. They are fantastic for creating beautiful backdrops at parties and celebrations, bringing a splash of colour to garden parties and fetes, and creating a bright, celebratory atmosphere at festivals.

Dumbleton Hall Flags

They are suitable for all types of venue as they can be installed and removed leaving very little trace.

Lakefest coloured flags with LOVE sign

Unfortunately we are not able to send out flags via courier, so they are only suitable for events in the Gloucestershire and Costwolds area. If you would like a quotation for us to deliver and install flags for your event please do get in touch.

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