Poseur Tables

  Coloured LED Poseur Tables
pink poseur table

These fantastic LED Drinks Tables add stunning colour and ambience to any venue, while providing a handy place for your guests to place their drinks while they chat. Covered by bright white stretchy cloths, they are lit from within by LED lights that transform through every colour of the rainbow. They can be fixed on a specific colour to match in with your colour theme or constantly changing. Controlled by a simple remote control they are battery powered, with no trailing wires to create trip hazards. 
A simple yet unique touch to make your venue even more impressive and memorable. 

These drinks tables are simple and quick to install and provide an easy way to add a ‘wow’ factor to your event, while providing mood lighting and convenience at the same time. In our experience neither young or old can resist heading straight for them, to touch the fabric, and try and figure out how they produce their effect! It is remarkable how they can transform a venue from looking ordinary to looking exceptional.

blue poseur table and white starlit dance floor 
 blue poseur table  
  LED Poseur Table Hire Rates
 1-4 Tables £40 ea
 5-8 Tables £35 ea 
9 + Tables  £30 ea
Prices exclude VAT @ 20%